Best Classical Guitars

Best Classical Guitars For Beginners: Under 2021 Dollars

Best Classical Guitars For Beginners Buying your first ever guitar can be an exciting experience. Especially a classical nylon string guitar for a beginner. You can be student, an adult, a mom – it is never too late to start learning a guitar. This can be as complex as looking...

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Best Electric Guitars For Kids

Best Guitars For Kids 2021: Guide for Parents, Beginner, Age 7-15

Best Guitars For Kids How many times were you or your kid: tempted and bought that shiny guitar at a local toy store, but your child could not play it? Maybe you might have thought yourself that maybe your kid is too young for the guitar? But the simple answer...

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Guitar Gifts

34 Gifts for Guitar Players: Music Lover, Themed Present

34 Gifts for Guitar Players I am a guitarist. And when you are a guitarist, many of your friends believe that they need to give a guitar related gift on your birthday or holiday – and my friends have always bought me the wrong gift.  You see, buying a gift...

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